About Beacon Education

A confident and empowered workforce is a focused workforce.  Beacon Education provides this confidence to your employees by delivering the personal and interpersonal training that empowers people to make sound financial and career decisions.  Our training truly makes a difference to your employees and your agency.  

Financial Literacy for Federal Employees:

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requires every Federal Agency to have a Financial Literacy Plan.  (See here.)  Why do they require this?  Because they have discovered the positive impact it has on Federal employees.  

Let’s illustrate what life is like for employees with weak financial backgrounds?  

Imagine walking onto a cruise liner, anticipating a relaxing vacation when the steward of the ship approaches you and with a worried sense of urgency says “we need you to steer this ship or else we’re going to crash!”  He shows you the captain’s post and control panel with its hundreds of buttons and says “we’re all depending on YOU!”

That’s the way many educated and talented people find themselves, behind the financial control panel of their lives with very limited training in accounting, investing, estate planning nor financial planning.  No one has given them the basics of steering their financial lives, and certainly no one has told them the money saving tips and tricks of the trade.  Is there any chance to reach optimal financial success with such an unprepared background?

That’s where Beacon education comes in.  Beacon Education is a premier provider of Financial Education for people in all walks of life, whether they just started a family, opened a new business, or are further along in life and need to deal with college, elderly parents and perhaps death.  Attendees walk out with a clarity and grasp of topics which were previously quite daunting.  They are empowered to take immediate action and make important financial decisions.  They leave the class with a drive, a plan and a sense of gratitude for their new-found grasp of their financial lives.  

This knowledge builds good financial behavior, which stabilizes the employee and spills over into other aspects of their lives including their work.