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Are your Federal Benefits making you money or losing you money?

Most people know about money, but they aren’t financial planners.  As such, they don’t know how to maximize their finances.  They unwittingly lose money, whether in their savings, taxes, debt, insurances, investments, etc.

That’s unfortunate.

The problem gets worse when they have more financial opportunities to mishandle.

That’s the problem that most Federal Employees have.  Federal positions offer some of the best financial benefits in the country.  However, most federal employees don’t know how to maximize them.  They lack the Financial Planning background needed to integrate their benefits into their overall financial lives.  Their personal financial decisions are often made irrespective of Federal Benefits, and vis versa, many benefits are being over-utilized, under-utilized, or even downright mishandled because they have not been put into the proper context of overall financial planning.  Federal Benefits that are not integrated into overall financial planning cause unnecessary losses of wealth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Federal employees understand how to integrate and maximize their benefits, grow their wealth and plan for financial success.

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